How to Restore Lost Hair

Hair loss can occur at any age, and can result from aging, a thyroid condition, chemotherapy and psoriasis. When the follicles of the scalp do not receive enough oxygen, it can make the hair buds become inactive and can prevent the follicle from producing new hair cells. To help get more oxygen to the hair follicles, and thereby encourage new hair growth, it is important to follow a few steps for promoting circulation to the scalp and preventing the suffocation of the follicles.

Massage the scalp with a prong-style hairbrush. The bristles of a prong hairbrush are rigid enough to stimulate the scalp, yet gentle enough to prevent scalp damage. Wash and condition the hair before beginning so there will be a minimal amount of tangling. Rub the hairbrush around the scalp in circular motions, working it from the front of the head to the back. Then massage the head with the brush starting at the side of the head and working it across to the opposite side. Repeat this process until the scalp has been massaged for at least 15 minutes. Give the scalp a massage in this way once per day.

Vibrate the scalp using a vibrating back massager. Vibrations help stimulate blood flow to the skin and hair follicles, and when applied to the scalp it can bring more oxygen-rich blood to the areas that are thinning or balding. Try to find a vibrating massager that has multiple places that touch the skin. Use it on dry hair. Turn on the massager, and gently lower it onto the scalp. The vibrations can feel unusual at first. Move the massager around the scalp in a circular pattern, focusing on the areas of thinness. Avoid pressing the massgaer into the scalp; simply hold it onto the scalp gently and allow the vibrations to reach the follicles. Use a vibrating massager for 10 minutes per day to increase hair growth.

Avoid wearing ball caps and hair ties that cause oxygen deprivation to the hair follicles. When hair is pulled back tightly or ball caps are pulled on snugly and worn for long periods of time, it can cause the blood supply to become limited in that area. To promote hair growth and circulation to the scalp, let the hair hang loosely and avoid all hats or headbands that fit tightly.