How to Remove Shaft Hair

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Unwanted hair on the shaft of your penis can not only be unsightly, but can cause relationship or even health problems. Some partners may find hair in this area unattractive or even uncomfortable during intercourse. Excessive hair in this area can also cause certain health problems such as ingrown hairs or odor. If the area is free of hair, it also makes it easier to periodically check the area for skin abnormalities.

Prepare a bath or jump into a shower with warm water. Prepare the area that you are going to shave by applying shave gel or shave foam. Select a sharp razor and shave in downwards strokes from the head of the penis down the shaft. Rinse the razor after each stroke to prevent the razor from becoming clogged. If the razor becomes clogged it can cause irritation. After you are finished showering, apply nonscented lotion to the area.

If you have particularly thick or unruly hair on the shaft of your penis, you may want to consider laser hair removal. Though this method is much more expensive than shaving, it guarantees that the unwanted hair will be removed permanently. The laser hair removal process eliminates hair by sending a small amount of energy directly to hair follicles. After the energy is absorbed, follicles will not produce hair.

Tweeze the area using a pair of tweezers. Though this is the least expensive method, it is more painful than shaving. Tweezing of hair is uncomfortable, as it causes pinpricks of pain. As the shaft of the penis is a sensitive area, this method may be not only more painful, but more time consuming, as you can only pluck a few hairs at one time.

Try hair removal creams or lotions. Some sensitive-skin hair removal products may be useful in removing hair on the shaft. However, read the directions carefully, as certain chemicals in the products can cause irritation in sensitive areas such as the genitals. You will find these products at your local pharmacy or purchase them from your dermatologist.