Why Does Hair Grow Different Lengths After a Haircut?

After a new haircut you may wonder why your hair is growing at different lengths. There are many reasons hair would grow at different speeds when you get a haircut. They can range from genetics to the area of the head the hair is on.


There are some cases when your genes dictate which parts of your hair grow faster than others. In African Americans hair is seen to grow faster at the tops, while in Caucasians hair tends to grow faster from the back.


Hair requires the right kind of nutrition to grow. If you aren’t eating all of the right things (proteins especially) your hair won’t all grow as healthily.


Hair follicles go dormant for three to four months at a time. This is also often due to genetics, but in some cases a lot of your dormant hairs may be in a particular area of your head.


If some of your hair is damaged it won’t grow as fast as parts that are undamaged. This is especially true if some of the follicles are damaged as well.

Area of the Head

As a general rule, the hair on the top of the head grows faster than underneath it. It is related to genetics, but instances can be found in most people.