How to Grow More Hair Naturally for Teens

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Many herbal remedies and potions promise to help grow hair longer and fuller. Sadly, none of them can make hair grow any faster than it does naturally, which in a healthy teen is about six inches a year. Many things may slow hair growth in teens, including stress, medications and hormones. But you can stimulate growth and prevent breakage in your hair.

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Relieve stress in your life. You can do this by going out with friends, playing games, doing your homework or participating in sports. Stress can cause hair growth to slow or even stop in some cases. Lessening stress can stimulate normal growth.

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Brush your hair twice a day with a large soft-bristled brush. Start at the roots of the hair next to the scalp and gently run the brush downward the entire length of the hair. Doing this will help coat the hair in natural oils. Natural oils help protect hair from breakage and split ends. You can also stimulate the scalp by doing a daily five-minute massage all over your head. This helps increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.


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Do not use curling irons, straightening irons or the hot setting on your hair dryer. Heating your hair can cause it to dry out. This increases the odds of the hair breaking and splitting.

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Stick to a healthy diet and an exercise plan. Moderate exercise helps send blood to the scalp, bringing it more nutrients that are essential to hair growth. A healthy diet rich in protein can also speed hair growth because protein is used by the body to create keratin, what hair is made of.