How to Regrow Hair After Baldness From Braids

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While small braids and large braids are a beautiful accent in hair, the braids' tightness on the scalp can cause damage. Hair can fall out if braids are kept in too long, if it is braided too often or if the braids are too tight. This is called traction alopecia, and is caused by trauma to the scalp, even inadvertently through braids. Luckily, it can often be reversed if the right steps are taken.

Examine your hair often if you're wearing braids or have recently worn them. Catching traction alopecia early is key to growing back any lost hair.

Stop any kind of hairstyling that can continue to damage your scalp -- do not braid hair, straight iron or place it in tight ponytails.

Apply cortisone cream once a day to the affected area. This wil reduce any kind of swelling that causes hair follicles to close.

Visit your doctor and ask for a prescription for oral antibiotics. This will help stimulate hair growth as well as aid in reducing inflammation.

Reduce stress in your life, as this can prevent hair from growing back or even accentuate the problem.