How to Get Rid of Bumps From Plucking

Hair plucking removes unsightly strands from those areas that are hard to reach with your razor. After a thorough plucking, days or even weeks may pass before you see any hair popping up again. However, for those with sensitive skin, plucking can leave unsightly bumps, and you must deal with them before they fester.

Wash the area with warm water. Exfoliate the skin with a natural loofah or exfoliating cream. Warm water opens the pores around the hair and exfoliation removes the dead skin cells around each follicle.

Use a high-quality tweezers that close tightly along the entire length of the tip. If you cannot get the proper grip on a hair, you may be forced to tug more than once. This can irritate your skin and leave bumps. Substandard tweezers also can break the hair, leaving a portion under your skin that may cause painful ingrown hairs.

Apply a skin toner or witch hazel to the area after plucking. This will close the pores, soothe irritation and prevent bumps. You can even use skin toner or witch hazel on areas in which bumps have already sprouted.

Keep your skin moisturized with aloe vera gel until the bumps disappear. Aloe vera heals skin tissue and relieves the irritated skin to get rid of bumps. Do not use any lotions or oils on your skin until the bumps have vanished.