How to Shave With an Electric Razor

by Celeigh O'Neil ; Updated September 28, 2017

Electric shavers are available in both battery operated and plug-in models.

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When looking to streamline you daily grooming routine, an electric razor is a sound investment. The oscillating blades work to achieve a close shave in less time than a manual razor, and most electric shavers feature a cap that prevents the blades from cutting the skin. Follow a few simple techniques to get the most out of your electric razor.

Pat a quarter-sized amount of alcohol based pre-shave product over the area that you will be shaving. Alcohol based products are best as they protect the skin from irritation and infection.

Brush your hand across the stubble to determine the direction that your hair grows. You'll want to shave upward if the hair grows downward, and downward if the hair grows upward. This is called shaving "against the grain." Shaving against the grain allows you to get as close to the root as possible, resulting in a closer shave.

Place your fingertips next to the area that will be shaved, and pull the skin taut so that hair stands upright. Turn your razor on and position it either directly above or below the hair as necessary. Move the razor over the hair slowly and repeat until the entire area has been shaved.

Massage a quarter-sized amount of aftershave lotion over your skin. Choose a product with soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E to counteract any redness or irritation.


  • Clean your electric razor after each use. Many electric razors come with a special brush to sweep out any hair that has been left behind. After brushing out the hair, gently wipe the razor head with an alcohol pad to disinfect it.

    Shave skin in sensitive areas, such as the skin on your neck, first; shaving these areas while the razor is still cool will minimize the chance of irritation.

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