How to Get Ringlet Curls

Getting the perfect ringlets can take a little work, depending on how wavy or curly your hair already is. Maybe you want to control the frizz so that your curls are even spirals, or you want to change your straight hair for a while. A few simple styling tricks can create the ringlets of your dreams.

Get Ringlet Curls on Wavy or Curly Hair

Style wavy or curly hair when freshly shampooed. Hair should be wet or damp.

Apply styling product of your choice. This can be a soft-hold gel or mousse.

Use hair clips to hold hair you're not working on out of the way. This might not be necessary if your hair is short.

Wind a small section of hair around your index finger. Roll this section all the way to your scalp around your finger.

Release the section of hair. You should have created a ringlet curl.

Repeat steps four and five over all the sections of hair you want to curl.

Get Ringlet Curls on Straight Hair