How to Make Wavy Hair Wavier

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When you think about making your already wavy hair even wavier, you might assume that the only way to do this is with use of a curling iron or hot curlers. It is possible, however, to accentuate the waves in wavy hair without using any styling tools. Whether you’d like to make your wavy hair even wavier for just a night or if you’d like to wear the style every day, you can accentuate the waves with ease using just 30 minutes of your spare time.

Wash your hair with wave inducing shampoo and conditioner; these hair products will accentuate the waves in your hair with regular use. The wave inducing products also will make your hair more susceptible to waves after the first use.

Pat you hair with a towel to remove excess, dripping water but do not dry the hair any further; you want to be working with wet hair when you braid.

Part the hair evenly with your hairbrush and smooth out all of your hair so that it is easy to work with and manageable.

Separate three sections of hair at the front of your scalp to braid with. For small and tight waves use smaller sections of hair; for larger waves use thicker sections of hair.

Begin to braid the hair down to the tips and secure with a small hair tie. Continue this process until all of the hair on your head has been braided.

Put a small dollop of relaxed hold mousse in the palm of your hand and begin to smooth mousse over each braid.

Allow the hair to dry overnight and take the braids out in the morning to reveal volumized, wavy hair. Style as normal and enjoy your new look.