How to Use Gel and Pomade With Curly Hair


Getting the perfect curls can be a struggle for those with curly hair who suddenly find the humidity at 80 percent or the wind unusually gusty. However, with the help of some gel and pomade products you can keep those lovely locks looking their best.

Begin with gently towel-dried hair. Starting with wet hair gives you the chance to brush out your hair without pulling out your curls and creating instant frizz.

Apply a small amount of gel evenly to wet hair, using a comb to distribute the product through to the ends. Avoid applying too much gel into one place, unless you like the clumpy look.

Let your hair naturally separate as it dries into natural curls. If curls are sticking together while drying, use a comb to gently separate them. If they look flat, gently scrunch them with your fingertips.

Allow curly hair to dry naturally or apply low heat using a hair dryer with a diffuser. Using an even heating method will help to prevent your hair from frizzing, and keep you from blowing out your curls

Use a wax pomade product to arrange and hold curls. With a small amount of pomade on your fingers, add a bit of the product to the ends of the hair with your fingers to sculpt individual curls to create definition and control the texture. Pomade will give your hair a polished look, making your curls sculpted and ideal to style. Concentrate on the lower third of your hair for extra body at the roots.

Style your hair. To hold the shape in the curls you just defined and keep your hair out of your face, don't pull the hair back with a hair band. Use pins to secure your curls loosely in place. At this point your curls should bounce with ease, but can be crushed if pulled out into a ponytail.

Keep your curly hair looking fresh. If they start falling during the day, just dampen them with a little water to reactivate the product and then scrunch your hair to bring your curls back to life.