How to Use Rollers to Straighten Hair

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It may seem counterintuitive, but rollers can actually be used to straighten your hair. It works for all hair types and even lengths past your shoulders—just make sure to choose larger rollers for longer hair. This method works best for self-gripping and sponge rollers. If you want to use hot rollers, start with dry hair, so you don’t damage it. This is a temporary straightening process; your hair will curl again as soon as it gets wet.

Wash and towel-dry your hair to get rid of extra oils.

Work a straightening lotion through your hair from root to tips. Comb your hair straight.

Separate hair layers if necessary, clipping the top layers up.

Split the hair that’s left down into no wider than 3-inch sections, starting with the very back of your hair. Hold them with clips until you get ready to work on them.

Place the roller at the bottom of your hair on the inside, so it’s between your hair and your head. Holding the ends of your hair under, roll the roller up to your hair line. Clip the roller to the wrapped hair, so it stays in place. Repeat on the rest of your bottom layer.

Take the top layer of hair down and repeat rolling process until all of your hair is in a roller.

Let hair air dry or dry it with a hair dryer. Hair must be fully dry before you take the rollers out.

Take rollers out and brush through hair. Apply a shine serum throughout the hair if desired.