How to Backcomb Synthetic Hair

Styling synthetic hair requires the knowledge of backcombing, or the process of teasing hair to reach a desired thickness and fullness. Create volume on synthetic hair using natural methods, as it will melt or burn if you use heat; synthetic fibers are fuzzy and fall out easily because of their unnatural texture. Products such as hairspray and hair gel help to seal the backcombed hair.

Separate a 1- to 2-inch strand of synthetic hair from the rest of your hair. Clip up the remaining hair with a claw or butterfly clip. Using smaller strands will make the synthetic hair easier to work with and keep a better hold.

Grip the synthetic hair strand about 3 inches down from the roots and lift away from the scalp. Sink a small-tooth comb all the way through in the hair, and drag the comb up toward the roots 1/2 inch at a time in fast, sharp strokes. This will create fuzziness and thickness.

Run your hands down the strand to smooth out some of the fuzziness. Continue to backcomb repeatedly until your hair is the desired thickness. Continue this process on the rest of the head. Use hairspray only at the roots and 2 or 3 inches below it to hold shape and volume. Backcombing the whole strand will leave you with unruly and course hair.