How to Wind a Spiral Perm Rod

Many women with naturally straight hair want curls, so they get perms to achieve the naturally curly look and give their hair some body. One specialized type of perm is a spiral perm, where the curls come down in a spiral-like shape instead of a bouncy roll shape achieved from most perms. Rolling a spiral curl is different than other curls, but still very simple.

Divide the hair into small sections with a comb. Use large claw clips to hold each section of hair away from the others. Take one section of hair and comb it out to free any tangles and straighten it.

Start at the bottom of the scalp. Take your brushed out section and hold your perm rod at an angle beside the scalp. Gently place the tips of the hair on the rod.

Roll the rod slowly, making sure to keep it at an angle so the hair only partially covers the previous section on the rod, creating a more equal curl width. Roll the rod all the way up to the scalp. Close the rod and secure with a large claw clip.

Begin on the section of hair directly above the previous section and repeat. Allow the upper rod to rest against the lower rod and hair. Repeat on the rest of your hair.

Leave the rod in as long as directed on the package or by your hairstylist. The longer you wait the more curl you will have. The shorter the time is, the more loose and long the curls will be.