How to Roll Hair for a Spiral Permanent

Many women with straight hair get permanents to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls. Spiral curls are one route to go and are rolled onto longer rods than other perms. It takes a certain technique to roll hair for a spiral perm. Of course, it is best to visit the salon to obtain optimum results, but you can roll a spiral perm yourself with a little work and a few materials.

How to roll hair for a spiral permanent

Shampoo and towel dry hair, leaving it slightly damp. It is best to roll hair while it is slightly wet.

Separate hair into one-inch sections with a rat-tail comb and use clips to hold each section of hair. Undo one section of hair and comb out any snarls or tangles.

Start at the bottom of the scalp. Wrap a strip of hair in perm paper, making sure to completely cover the hair, including the ends.

Hold the perm rod at an angle and place ends of hair on the rod. Wrap hair on the rod, starting at the bottom, rolling hair in a spiral motion. The hair should be evenly spaced from the curl before it. Try not to overlap, but if you do, that is all right. Roll hair all the way up to the scalp. Close the rod and secure with a clip on top of head. Next, roll the section of hair immediately above this one. Continue until all of the hair is rolled, always rolling the section of hair above the previous one. Spray hair with water bottle as you are rolling, until permanent solution is applied.

Leave the rods in the hair for as long as directed either by a stylist or permanent directions.