How to Perm With Velcro Rollers

Woman getting perm

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velcro rollers, plastic rollers equipped with teeth to grip the hair, are ideal for people who find it difficult to roll hair on traditional perm rods. The rollers do not require end papers, and they stay perfectly in place regardless of your wrapping skills or lack thereof. The design of the roller is responsible for its ease of use. The outside of the roller features small, hooked teeth that attach to the hair like Velcro.

Comb clean, dry hair to remove any tangles. Comb the hair straight back from the face. Carve out a small ½-inch thick section in the bang area. Make sure that the section is centered on the forehead and no wider than the Velcro rods you are using. Comb the parting straight out from the head, place the rod underneath the ends of the hair and roll the rod down toward the scalp until it is snug against the scalp.

Create a second section directly behind the first, and repeat. Continue rolling hair until the entire center strip of the head has been rolled. Move to one side of the head. Create a vertical part directly above the ear. Roll the back section first using ½-inch thick partings. Roll the front section in a similar manner. Repeat steps on the other side of the head.

Place a towel around the shoulders, and fasten the haircutting cape around the neck. Line the outside of the hairline with cotton strips. Shake the bottle of perm solution to mix, and puncture the tip with a straight pin or thumb tack.

Saturate the hair with perm solution by applying the solution to the top and underside of each roller. Remove the cotton, and replace it with a clean strip of cotton. Place the plastic cap on the head, and set the timer for 20 minutes.

Remove the cap and cotton strip. Rinse the hair with warm water for five minutes. Blot excess water by placing folded up paper towels directly against the rollers. Do not rock or roll the rollers. Simply place the paper towels against the rollers to draw out excess moisture.

Shake the neutralizing solution, and puncture the tip with the pin. Line the hairline with fresh cotton. Saturate the hair with the neutralizing solution by applying the solution to the top and underside of each roller. Set the timer for five minutes.

Remove the cotton, and gently unroll the Velcro rollers. Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water. Style as desired.