How to Do a Sew-In Hair Weave on a Weave Cap

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A net weave is a hair extension technique that involves sewing a loosely woven net sheet to braided hair, then sewing weft extension hair to the net. This technique helps the weave style to last longer by protecting braids. It is also beneficial for anyone who has thinning hair or wants to minimize the tension that comes from sewing weft hair directly to braids. A weave cap, made from net fabric, is sturdier than a net. Use it like a net to create a stable base for any weave style.

Part clean, tangle free hair with rat-tail comb. Braid small cornrows in a circular pattern beginning in the back of the head and ending in the crown area. Secure sections of hair you’re not working on with clips to keep the hair out of place.

Rest the weave cap on your head so that it fits well. Stitch the cap around the perimeter of your head about 1 inch away from your hair line with a C-shaped needle and weave thread, using large overcast stitches. Cut away excess fabric from the perimeter of your head. Be careful not to cut the fabric too close to the stitches.

Stitch the extension weft hair to the weave cap in circular rows beginning in the back and working your way toward the crown area. Use the cornrow braids as a general guide, but stitch the weft to the cap base, not to the underlying braids. When a circular opening of about 2 inches remains, cut the weft. Tie the weaving thread several times after you cut it to secure your stitches.

Glue the top closure on the circular opening. Hold a blow dryer on high heat for about 60 minutes to set the bond. Comb and cut the weave if desired.