Directions for Cutting Hair With a Flowbee

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The Flowbee is a home haircutting device invented by Richard Hunts in the 1980s. It consists of a hose with a clipper attachment at one end. A vacuum nozzle attaches to the hose; it suctions hair through the spacers, which you can adjust to increase or decrease the length of the cut, and into the clippers to cut and suck away the ends of the hair. People like using the Flowbee because of the lack of mess and simplicity of use.

Attach the Flowbee to the vacuum cleaner nozzle as directed in the manufacturer's instructions.

Plug in the Flowbee and the vacuum cleaner.

Attach the spacers to the Flowbee as per the manufacturer's instructions to create a tube the desired length of your haircut.

Switch on the vacuum cleaner and the Flowbee.

Place the end of the Flowbee over your head so that the last spacer rests on your scalp at the front of your head and a section of hair is sucked into the tube and clipped. Wiggle the Flowbee from side to side slightly to ensure the hair is evenly sucked into the clippers.

Move the Flowbee across the front of your head methodically to clip all the hair evenly as in Step 5. Continue around the back of the head until all the hair has been clipped.

Run your fingers through your hair to check for any areas that may have been missed and reapply the Flowbee where necessary.