How to Use a Flowbee

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Use a Flowbee. Forget the mess of a bowl, you can get a haircut at home that requires no mats under the chairs, plastic capes, and leaves no hair on the floor, with Flowbee hair cutting system. The hair that gets cut flows into a vacuum cleaner and the spacers which are included with the haircutting system, give a perfect haircut in ½ inch increments up to 6 inches every time.

Start at the top the head and measure the hair that you want to cut. Use a ruler or the ½ spacers that are included at no extra cost in the pack to get an accurate measurement.

Attach the end of the Flowbee system to a vacuum cleaner with the Universal Hose Adaptor also included with the Flowbee at no extra charge. Apply the correct amount spacers on to cutting end of the Flowbee. If in between ½ inch measurements, choose the lesser amount of spacers, you can always hook up to the vacuum again next week.

Place the person in a chair that is low enough for the cutter to see the top of the persons head. Turn the vacuum and the Flowbee system on.

Start at the top of the head and bounce the Flowbee in an up and down motion so that the hair is pulled through the spacers. Adjust the spacers as you move to the sides of the head for desired length. Hold longer hair vertical for an even cut and use the longer attachment for a layered look.

Cut the hair around the ears and neck with sharp scissors for a clean, barbershop cut.


  • Purchase the Pet Attachment and you too, can clip the dog and the kids all in one day with not one hair on the floor. Remember, its only hair and will grow back, eventually.

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