How to Use Plastic Hair Curlers

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You can use plastic hair rollers to create curls or soft waves in nearly any type of hair style or length. Hair rollers are slim circular tubes that function as a base for hair to wrap around. Plastic hair rollers contain small holes to provide sufficient ventilation as the hair dries and the curls set. This type of hair curler is popular as no heat is required to create the curls. Plastic hair rollers also work well on damaged or over-processed hair without causing further damage. Using plastic hair rollers is a simple, but time-consuming process, which yields effective results.

Wash your hair with shampoo and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply a dime-size amount of conditioner, focusing on the ends that are prone to damage. Rinse all products out of your hair and towel dry. Hair should be slightly damp when putting in plastic hair rollers.

Fill your palm with hair mousse and work through the hair, from root to tip. The amount of mousse used will depend on the length of your hair. Mousse helps keep the curls in place and will prevent the hair from slipping out of the plastic rollers.

Smooth out the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Gently work through any tangles that you may encounter along the way. Apply a detangling spray to help remove any difficult knots. Use the comb to create a part down the center of your scalp.

Section the hair into one-inch sections using the wide-tooth comb. You can use larger sections to create loose curls, if desired. Pull and secure the surrounding hair up and out of the way with several hair clips.

Comb out the one-inch section of hair and pull it straight. Place the plastic hair roller at the end of the hair section. Roll the hair under the plastic curler and upwards to the skull. Ensure that you hold the hair tightly to create a secure curl. Insert a hair clip around the curler to keep in place.

Curl the entire head in the same manner. Set the curls by giving the hair a two-minute pass under the blow dryer on high heat. Place the blow dryer a minimum of six inches from the scalp and direct the heat over each plastic curler.

Cover the scalp with a hair net to allow time for the curlers to set. Leave the plastic curlers in the hair for at least two hours. For the best results, leave the curlers in the hair overnight. Always allow sufficient time for the hair to dry before removing the rollers.

Remove the plastic rollers by removing the clip and carefully unrolling the hair. Finger-comb through the curls to help loosen the curls and to create body. Gently smooth out the hair and style it using a wide bristle brush. Give the hair a light mist of hair spray to keep it in place.