How to Use Sportin Waves

Sportin' Waves, manufactured by SoftSheen-Carson, is a gel pomade hair care product with Wavitrol III that African-American men use to enhance hair waves. Designed specifically for curly hair, the Sportin’ Waves pomade helps transform coiled hair to hold your hair strands in place and lay flat after a few applications. Choose between two levels of hold: maximum and regular hold gel pomade which goes on and rinses out clean without any greasy build-up.

Wash and condition your hair at least two times to remove any access dirt or grease. Use a towel to blot dry your hair so that it remains damp. Dampening your hair with a warm towel or warm water is another option for softening your hair.

Apply a silver dollar size amount of Sportin' Waves to the palm of your hands. Rub the pomade in the middle of your hand to emulsify it, until an even layer forms.

Rub the Sportin' Waves into your hair in the direction of the wave pattern you desire. Apply the pomade evenly throughout your hair and add more, if necessary.

Brush your hair briskly in the direction of the wave pattern and cover your head with a wave cap. Keep your head covered for a minimum of 30 minutes or overnight.

Remove the wave cap and brush your hair in the desired style.