The Best & Easiest Way for Boys to Get Waves in Their Hair

Wavy hairstyles are just as popular with boys as with girls. Several techniques add wave looks to hair of different textures and lengths. Achieving and retaining the waves may require effort and upkeep, but if you're willing to commit to the process, the results are well worth it.

Short Ethnic Hair

Short 360 waves is a style generally worn by boys. You'll need a soft bristle brush, pomade, a do-rag or wave cap for indoor and nighttime use, and high-gloss sheen spray. Wash and condition your hair and then apply the pomade using a quarter-sized amount for a one-quarter section of your head. Wet the brush and brush it through your hair thoroughly. Using the middle of your head as a center point, brush from root to tip until you see the waves start to form. You'll brush each section on its own for about five minutes. To keep the waves intact, continue the pomade application and brush step each day. Leave the do-rag on while you sleep for optimum results. When you remove the do-rag in the morning, don't brush out the waves; simply add the spray sheen to get a shiny finish.

Straight Hair

Wash and condition your hair and dry it lightly, keeping it damp. Rub some wave-creating pomade in your palms and apply liberally to your hair. Scrunch the hair until small waves start to appear. The more you scrunch, the more pronounced the waves are, so you can control the amount and intensity of waves that you prefer.

Using Braids

If you have long, straight hair that is naturally limp, a successful way to add waves to your hairstyle is by using braids. This process takes longer, but the waves are deep set and stay longer as well. After washing and conditioning your hair and keeping it mildly damp, part the hair into sections and create braids. You may need to use rubber bands to keep the ends from unraveling. The size of the braids determines the size of the waves, so small braids create small waves and large braids create large, loose waves. Let your hair dry completely while braided and if possible, let the braids set overnight. When you remove the braids, do not brush or comb; take them out with your fingers and add a bit of mousse or gel to maintain the look.

With Heat

The fastest way to get waves is by using a curling iron or flat iron, especially if the hair is on the long side. With a curling iron, lightly wrap the hair around the rod and remove it quickly. You can brush out the curl with a large paddle brush to create a wave. Using a flat iron, pull the iron through the hair and wrap around using the same process that you would with the curling iron, but keep it in a few seconds longer. This creates a pronounced wave. Use fingers or a large tooth comb to style the wave to your liking.