How to Use a Curling Brush

A curling brush is a hairstyling tool that uses heat to shape hair into curls. It is different from a metal curling iron because it is a brush with bristles that glide through hair instead of clamping onto it. Curling brushes add more volume than curling irons because the bristles can lift hair as it curls, resulting in a softer bounce rather than stiff ringlets. Unfortunately, if you use a curling brush incorrectly, it can become tangled in your hair and create a frizzy mess instead of cascading waves.

Wet your hair in the shower or sink, then blot it gently with a towel. Make sure you don’t rub your hair with the towel or you risk creating frizz or tangles.

Coat your hair evenly with a detangling spray, then use a comb to gently remove any tangles that could get caught in the curling brush. Set your blow dryer to a low speed and dry your hair until it is just damp without being completely dry; dry hair won’t style as effectively with a curling brush.

Comb your hair to remove any tangles that may have occurred while you were blow drying. Plug in your curling brush and wait for it heat up completely before styling. The heating time will depend on the manufacturer or model.

Position your curling brush vertically and wrap a section of hair (no more than 1 1/2 inches wide) around it so your hair evenly coats the bristles. Hold the brush in place for approximately three seconds, then unwrap your hair and carefully remove the brush.

Repeat the wrapping process with your remaining sections of hair. Spray your curls evenly with hairspray to prevent the curls from loosening, especially since a curling brush gives a much lighter hold than other styling tools.