How to Put in an S Curl

The S Curl, a product developed by Luster, is a texturizer that helps to loosen the curls of coarse hair. The texturizer is mainly used by men, as it is ideal for men with coarse, curly hair and produces a uniform wave pattern that works well with short haircuts. There are several other S Curl products that Luster recommends for use to keep the hair moisturized and healthy after the S Curl has been applied. This hair treatment can be performed at home, but it's essential to follow the instructions that come with the product for best results.

Start with the back of the head and apply the S Curl texturizing cream over the whole head with a large tooth comb to dry hair. The hair around the nape of the neck is often curlier and more resistant to chemicals, so the curls in this section of the hair may take more time to relax.

Comb the cream in gently to ensure that all sections of the hair are treated.

Leave the S Curl on the hair for as long as it takes for the texturizer to create an S-shaped wave pattern in the hair. If your hair is particularly thin, leaving the S Curl in for a minute or two is ideal. Hair that is considerably thicker may need an additional minute for processing.

Rinse the texturizer from the hair thoroughly with warm water.

Apply the S Curl neutralizing shampoo to the hair and wash at least twice to ensure that all the texturizer is removed from the hair. Rinse the lather with warm water.

Blot the hair dry with a towel.

Spray the hair with S Curl No Drip Activator and gently massage the product through the hair for even conditioning.

Style hair as desired.