How to Use Remington Curlers

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Remington curlers are hot rollers that can be plugged in and then placed in the hair to create soft waves or curls. Hair should be dry before using the curlers, as wet or damp hair will not work as well. Work a small amount of curling styling cream through the hair before curling and have some hairspray on hand to set the final result, if desired.

Plug in the curler base unit. The indicator light will turn off when the curlers are hot enough for use.

Use a comb to create small to medium sections of hair.

Pick smaller curlers to use for smaller waves or curls and to frame the face. Use the larger rollers for bigger waves or curls and for hair near the back of the head.

Wrap the end of the hair section around the curler and then twist the roller up until the hair has been completely rolled around the curler. Clip to secure. Use the rollers vertically for ringlet curls or waves and horizontally for curls that roll under.

Continue working your way around the head until all of the hair has been placed in curlers. Leave the curlers in the hair for approximately 10 to 20 minutes.

Release the hair from the curlers and place the curlers back into the base unit. Let the curls or waves cool and then comb through with your fingers to loosen gently.