How to Remove Hair Stuck in Hair Curlers

by Kent Page McGroarty ; Updated September 28, 2017

Take your time when unrolling curlers so you won't have to cut the curler and your tangled hair.

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In the 1950s and '60s, females of all ages suffered through many sleepless nights to achieve curly, bouncy hair via large, plastic hair curlers fastened with metal clips. Curlers have evolved since then to include foam curlers and electric rollers. Despite the better designs, however, hair curlers can still get tangled in hair if not used properly.

Unroll as much of the hair from the curler as possible. Stop when you encounter resistance.

Apply conditioner to the tangled hair to create a slippery surface for sliding the hair away from the curler. Gently pull the hair off the curler. The conditioner should enable you to remove the curler from the hair with minimal damage.

Rinse the curler and hair with warm water, and shampoo to remove the conditioner.


  • To properly roll hair onto a curler, start at the end of the section of hair and roll toward the scalp. When unrolling the curlers from hair, extend the hair away from the scalp to prevent tangles.

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