How to Clean a Boar Bristle Hairbrush

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A boar bristle hair brush is a natural bristle brush that is similar in nature to human hair. Like human hair, boar bristle hair brushes absorb natural oils from the hair and hold onto dirt. Dirt and natural oils that are left on a boar bristle hair brush will be brushed back into the hair and on the scalp whenever the hair is brushed. Boar bristle hair brushes last longer and keep your scalp and hair healthy when they are cleaned and maintained regularly.

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Comb the boar hair bristles to remove any loose dirt and hair from the brush. Both are much more easily removed while the brush is still dry, rather than when it's wet.

Pour warm water into the sink and add a capful of shampoo for oily hair. Shampoo formulated for oily hair will remove all traces of natural oils from boar bristle hair brushes. Stir the shampoo and water to mix.

Set the hair brush in the sink, bristles facing down so loosened dirt can more easily float out of the bristles. Allow the brush to sit in the shampoo solution for half an hour. Scrub the brush with the palm and heel of your hand and swish the brush around in the shampoo solution to remove loosened dirt and oil.

Flush the brush with warm water to rinse. Wick moisture from the boar bristles by pressing a clean towel into the bristles. Place the brush on a dry towel, with the boar bristles facing down, and leave it until fully dry.