How to Clean a Paddle Brush

by Shelby Winchell ; Updated September 28, 2017

A paddle brush is flat on one side and has bristles on the other. They come in various sizes, but are usually considered wide hair brushes. According to Hair Combs and Brushes, they are designed to straighten medium-length hair. They also work well on long hair. A paddle brush works to keep hair flat and works better on hair that doesn't have too many layers. When using a paddle brush, it can also massage the scalp if used gently. Hair Boutique recommends cleaning your paddle brush at least once a month. This will help preserve the bristles and also promotes good hair hygiene.

How to Clean a Paddle Brush

Remove hair that's accumulated in paddle brush with fingers. Throw hair away.

Fill a bowl with warm water. The bowl should be big enough so the brush's bristles can be submerged in water.

Add a drop of shampoo to the water. Stir with finger.

Soak paddle brush in water mixture for two hours. According to Top Tips, this will remove any build-up from the brush, including hair spray.

Remove brush from water mixture and rinse. Remove any excess hair still lodged in brush's bristles.

Shake excess water from the brush and place cushion-side down. Let it dry completely before using.

Fill a bowl with warm water and add one teaspoon of baking soda.

Let brush soak for 1 hour. Top Tips recommends doing this every other month as a way of sterilizing the brush.


  • Hair Boutiques recommends using a comb handle to loosen and remove hair from a paddle brush.

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