Mason Pearson Vs. Denman

Both Mason Pearson and Denman make high-quality brushes. There are a few differences between the two. You should be able to find either brand at your local beauty supply store, or check with their websites for a list of retailers near you.


Professional brushes are often made with higher-quality materials than less expensive brands. Both Mason Pearson and Denman brand brushes are touted for their high quality and great feel.

Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson, which has been around since 1885, is famous for its original rubber-cushioned hair brush. It offers 19 different types of brushes and three different types of bristles, including boar, boar and nylon blend, and nylon. Each type of Mason Pearson bristle is for a different type of hair. For example, the nylon bristle is ideal for thicker hair types, while the boar bristle is better suited for thin or fine hair types. Mason Pearson brushes are not mass produced. Most of the brush's elements are put together by hand. This company prides itself on making high-quality brushes that last.


Denman, a popular hair brush brand for professional hairstylists, originated in the United Kingdom and is both the largest manufacturer and largest supplier of hairbrushes in the U.K. Denman hairbrushes are available in 60 countries. Its brush collection is vast and offers a wide array of options, including children’s, compact and travel. The company also offers makeup brushes, in addition to their classic styling brush collection. "The Hairdressers’ Hairbrush," as it is called, is a somewhat affordable brand sold at a variety of mass marketers around the world.

Hair Brush Usage

Use these high-quality brushes just as you would any other. Denman has a wider variety of styling brushes than Mason Pearson, but both brands will leave your hair in great condition after use.

Hair Brush Care

Care for your Mason Pearson or Denman hairbrush by keeping it clean and hair free. Remove hair strands daily and clean your brush every other week by filling the sink or a small tub with hot water and a few drops of shampoo. Let your brush soak in the soapy water for several minutes before removing. Let your brush air dry on a towel. For professional hairstylists, a quaternary ammonium compound (QUATS) cleaner will sanitize your brushes between clients.