How Should I Moisturize My Dreads?

Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

The uniquely twisted dreadlock style requires equally unique care. You can create dreadlocks using a variety of techniques or allowing your hair to dread naturally by avoiding a comb or brush for several months on end. Dreadlocks don't require the preparation of a stylized ballerina bun, but don't confuse low maintenance for no maintenance. Moisturizing, cleansing and drying are all important parts of dreadlock maintenance. Properly moisturizing your dreadlocks with appropriate products creates tighter, healthier dreads without damaging your scalp.

Wrap a microfiber towel around your head after getting wet so your dreads thoroughly dry. Wet or damp dreadlocks store moisture inside causing mold growth. Avoid standard terrycloth towels as these leave lint in your dreads. Allow dreads to completely dry before applying any type of product.

Create a moisturizing spritz bottle by combining 1 cup of water with six drops of essential oil. Unlike nonessential oils such as jojoba, hemp and olive, which turn sour and smell terrible after a few weeks of air exposure, essential oils continue moisturizing with a fresh scent. Essential oils include lavender, jasmine or tea tree and are available for purchase at any major health store.

Spray the bottle over your entire head while ruffling the dreads to ensure even oil exposure.

Massage the oil into your dreads beginning at your scalp and continuing through the tip of the dreadlock. Wrap your head in a hair wrap or scarf for sleeping, so your dreads can fully absorb the oils without attracting lint.

Repeat the process every night before bed for sweet-smelling, moist dreadlocks.