How to Moisturize My Straight Synthetic Wig

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Synthetic wigs, while an affordable alternative to human hair wigs, can easily be damaged by brushing, heat and everyday activities. These damages cause wigs to coarse and frizzy. Straight synthetic wigs can take on more damage than wigs with texture, because they can be brushed more often. Moisturize synthetic wigs just as you would normal human hair by properly conditioning the synthetic fiber.

De-tangle the straight synthetic wig with a wig brush. Brush the wig gently, working from the crowns to the ends.

Fill a clean sink with cool water and add 2 caps of wig conditioner to the water.

Place the wig in the water and massage the water and conditioner into the synthetic hair.

Remove the wig from the water and thoroughly rinse out the conditioner with cool, clean water.

Place the wig on a wig stand and allow it to dry completely.

Brush out the dry synthetic hair gently and style as desired. Recondition hair as needed.