How to Make Extensions Smooth & Silky Again

Christopher Robbins/Photodisc/Getty Images

Hair extensions are created to add volume, length and thickness to hair that may be lacking in those areas. Over time, extensions may frizz or dull due to normal wear and tear and washing. While the extensions typically last six to eight months, there are preventative measures and ongoing remedies to create shiny and healthy looking extensions. When treating extensions it is important to remember that real hair receives natural oils from the hair root but extensions do not, and therefore require a more gentle treatment than real hair.

Wash hair using a salon quality shampoo. Less inexpensive shampoos may contain more detergent, which leaves extensions dull and lifeless. Create a thick, rich later from the shampoo and use your fingers to pull the shampoo through the hair from root to tip. Do not scrunch your hair when washing.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process with salon approved conditioner. Leave the conditioner on hair for five to 10 minutes to allow the extensions to soak in the moisture. Because extensions do not grow from your head they do not contain natural moisture and oils. Rinse completely with cool water.

Apply a spray-on conditioner or an anti-frizz serum to the hair before it dries. Use a comb or fingers to push the product through hair to achieve the best results.

Apply a heat-safe gel to the hair to prevent unnecessary drying to the extensions when using a blow dryer. The gel will form a protective shield around the hair to help avoid fraying and breaking.

Comb hair through when drying. Do not use a hair brush because it will pull the wet hair too hard, creating unwanted frizz.