How to Comb Out Really Thick Hair

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Really thick hair can be difficult to comb and rough treatment can cause damage or breakage, as well as discomfort. Very thick hair can be straight or curly and may be difficult to detangle whether it's short or long. Many combs may not even go through thick hair, or may break when you try to use them. Use these gentle combing strategies to keep your hair healthy or to maintain a child's hair with fewer tears and less complaint.

Wash your hair as you prefer, focusing on the scalp. Avoid tangling your hair by piling it on top of your head as you wash. Apply conditioner generously to your hair.

Comb your hair in the shower before you rinse conditioner from your hair, working from the ends upwards toward the root to remove knots without damaging your hair. Be gentle and go slowly. Choose a very wide tooth comb made of wood or plastic for your thick hair, or opt for a pick to detangle your wet hair, recommends

Blot excess moisture from your clean, wet hair without rubbing. Wrap long hair in a towel or a tee shirt to absorb water, suggests Daily Glow. Your hair should remain untangled without additional combing.

Apply a leave in conditioner and comb through your thick hair with a wide tooth comb. Comb the conditioner through your hair to detangle and provide additional moisture evenly to the full length of the hair. Work slowly and gently, combing knots from the ends, then the shaft of the hair.

Comb hair in a downward direction, even when you begin from the ends. Combing opposite the natural direction of growth or backcombing can damage hair, reports Salon Collective.