How to Get Flippy Bangs

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you joined the masses and cut fringe bangs, you may be in the market for a new, playful way to wear them. Flippy bangs are a little bit '70s-retro and easy to do if you have the right cut. What gives flipped bang their flair is that it's a smooth bang style that curls just at the ends.

Best Cut for Flipping

Set yourself up for successful bang-flip with a layered bang that is shortest in the middle and tapers longer on the sides. A tapered-layer will flip easily and stay that way the longest because the most light-weight piece of the hair is the tip -- the part you are essentially sending airborne.

Curling Iron Flip

If you have any natural curl to your hair your hair, you'll need the assistance of some heat to get your bangs to flip in the specific direction you want. Don't use a curling iron that's too small or you will end up with ringlets rather than a flip. A one-and-a-half-inch curling iron works well on bangs that are eyebrow length or longer. Start on one side of your part and slide your bangs at the root -- as close to your scalp as is comfortable -- between the barrel and the clamp. Move the curling iron back and away from your face as you drag your bangs through to smooth out the curl. Once you get to the end of your bangs, twist the curling iron slightly upward to create the flip. The entire process is quick, taking just a few seconds.

Blow-Dry Flip

You can also curl your bangs with a small-round brush and blow dryer. Use a nylon brush if you have thick, unruly hair or boar-bristle brush if you have normal texture. With a one to one-and-a-half-inch brush and a blow dyer, wrap your bangs around the brush, toward your ear. Apply the hot air and after a few seconds, move the hair through the brush, flipping the ends up slightly.

Flat-Iron Flip

For a more severe flip, use a flat-iron on your bangs. A flat-iron will not give you the soft-rounded flip that a curling iron or round brush does, but a small, crimped-looking flip. It that suits your fancy, don't hold your bangs in the flat-iron for long. Use the flat-iron with a quick motion of pulling your bangs through the flat-iron -- again moving away from your face-- and adding a quick flip when you reach the end of your hair.