How to Grow Shaggy Hair

by Robin McDaniel ; Updated September 28, 2017

A popular look is to have a messy, shaggy hairstyle for both men and women. Although it may seem easy to grow shaggy hair, it is not necessarily as simple as just letting the hair grow out by itself. There are some steps that should be taken to get a shaggy hairstyle.

Step 1

In order to have a shaggy hair style, the hair needs to be layered. If your hair is all one length, ask your hairstylist to add some long layers in order to get a shaggy effect.

Step 2

For curly hair, get a razor cut every two to three months. Have just the very tips taken off of the ends using the razor. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you may need to have your stylist use texturizing shears to remove the curls and create a shaggy appearance.

Step 3

For straight, fine hair, have the hair beveled on the ends using scissors and then use a razor to give the hair even more texture. If your hair is very thin, be sure to have your stylist texture only the ends so they do not remove too much hair.

Step 4

Use a texturizing creme or gel to give the hair a separated, shaggy appearance. Adjust the amount as necessary based on hair thickness and texture.


  • Thick hair will need to be heavily texturized with a razor or texturizing shears to create a shaggy effect.

    Condition the hair to keep the cuticle smooth as it grow. Shaggy hair does not mean frizzy hair.

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