How to Make Thin Sideburns

Thin, streamlined sideburns are the style of choice today. Thin sideburns don't grow in naturally, but with a little bit of trimming they can be created without the help of a professional. With only electric hair clippers and a set of close trimmers, you can create an attractive pair of sideburns that look professionally done. Once you get the hang of it, it will take you less than 15 minutes.

Comb your sideburns in the direction of hair growth. Decide what length you want your sideburns to be, and make a mental note of where they will extend to. Make sure your hair is dry before starting, as wet hair appears longer and your sideburns may end up shorter than desired.

Shape your sideburns using an electric trimmer, shaving all outer hair so sideburns are the desired length and width.

Trim your sideburns to the desired length with an electric trimmer. Use the correct length guide, depending on how long you want your sideburns. Hold the trimmer vertically in your dominant hand, and trim in a downward motion.

Use hair-cutting scissors instead of electric clippers to trim hair to the desired length, if you choose. Start with dry hair, and cut slowly. Shave the area around the sideburns to the desired thinness with a razor when you are finished trimming.