How to Trim a Beard With an Electric Razor

Man using electric shaver

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A beard can be a very intriguing and stylish choice for some men. If you've grown a beard and it has begun to get bushy, scraggly and overgrown, you can neaten and improve your appearance while maintaining the integrity that comes with a well-groomed beard.

If you don't have an electric razor already, pick one up at the store. You can find them at most drug and department stores. Make sure it comes with a comb guard attachment for length.

Decide on the length at which you would like your beard. Look at the some pictures in magazines or on the Internet to check out styles for ideas and inspiration.

Stand at the bathroom mirror over the sink. You can lay down a towel or some paper towels over the sink to avoid a mess and a potential clog. Do not wet your beard. This can clog the razor.

If your beard is very long and bushy, you may need to snip some hair away with the scissors before you use the electric razor. An electric razor can only do so much to a very bushy beard. Be careful not to snip too low; you could end up with bald spots.

Select how close you would like your beard to be trimmed by choosing the appropriate comb guard attachment or position. Some razors come with interchangeable comb guards, varying in length, and some come with one comb guard that slides into different positions, each resulting in a closer or longer shave than the next.

Turn the razor on and, starting at the jaw line, shave in a straight line up to the top of the facial hairline.

Continue around the face, carefully trimming away excess hair. Do not force the razor into the face. Follow the natural contours and go easy.

Remove the comb and carefully trim the neck. You may choose to use the closest setting on the comb guard, or some razors come with a special neck and under-jaw-line attachment.

With the guard-free razor or with a standard, non-electric razor, you may decide to trim around the cheeks, sideburns and mustache areas. If you use a standard razor, make sure you dampen the skin and hair, using warm soapy water or shaving cream.

Remove leftover hair with a towel or brush. You may decide to take a shower afterward to get rid of any itchy hair on the neck and chest.