How to Do Your Eyebrows at Home Without Tweezers

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If you'd rather sport bushy brows than stare down a pair of tweezers, you should know you have other shaping options. Tweezing can leave the brows looking sparse -- even asymmetrical. Plucking also takes some time and you have to repeat the process frequently. Shape up wild-growing brow hair with a home-waxing technique. If you have no experience with brow shaping, you should begin this new beauty habit with a visit to the salon. It's sometimes easier to manage an eyebrow arch when you have a pattern to follow.

Step 1

Wash your face, including your eyebrows. Brush the brows upwards and outward. Use the comb side of the eyebrow brush to straighten any curly brow hairs.

Step 2

Examine your eyebrows and decide on the shape you'd like. To help you, look at a variety of beauty photographs and try to find people with faces that are similar in shape to your face. This will give you an idea of how different eyebrow shapes will look on your own face and help you to avoid shapes that really wouldn't suit you. If your brows are currently overplucked or shaved too thin, you should wait three weeks before you begin shaping them.

Step 3

Find an eyebrow-shaping stencil of the shape you would like to have and affix it over your arches. Fill in the stencil with an eyebrow pencil. This will give you a guide to follow.

Step 4

Warm the wax or wax strip in the at-home waxing kit according to the product directions. Some manufacturer's suggest heating the wax by rubbing the strip in your hands or using a microwave.

Step 5

Press the warm strip over the eyebrow hair you wish to remove. Use caution as heated wax can burn sensitive eye skin. Rub your finger across the wax strip to make sure the wax is grabbing the hair.

Step 6

Wait a few seconds and then pull off the wax strip quickly. It's better to pull in the direction of the hair growth, not against it. Rub the waxed area with a soothing oil, such as baby oil. Some wax kits come with a small bottle or vial of oil.