How to Use a Conair Eyebrow Trimmer

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Conair specializes in moderately-priced personal grooming tools from hairbrushes and combs to electrical tools, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers and hair trimmers. Many of Conair's hair trimming tools come with multiple attachments that are specialized for certain areas, such as mustaches, bikini lines and eyebrows. The eyebrow attachments included with these models not only trim eyebrows, but allow you to shape, define and remove stray hairs for a clean, well-groomed look.

Attach the eyebrow trimmer attachment to your Conair trimmer. To remove the current trimmer head, grip the trimmer firmly, then twist the current trimmer head counterclockwise until you hear it click. Pull off the trimmer head and replace it with the eyebrow trimmer attachment.

Slide the eyebrow comb onto the eyebrow trimmer head. You will hear it click in place, though it may slide down to the second position. This will trim your eyebrows a shorter length -- always start with the first position. If you slide the eyebrow comb too far, slide it back up until it clicks into the first position. Second and first position are marked on the side of the eyebrow comb.

Smooth your eyebrows by sliding your finger across them. Start from the inner side of the eyebrow and slide your finger out and across the eyebrow to smooth the hair. Turn the trimmer on and run it across both of your eyebrows using the same motion. Never start from the outside and work your way in, as this will trim your eyebrows too short.

Trim your eyebrows until they are at your preferred length. If desired, slide the eyebrow comb to the second position for a closer, shorter cut. Wipe your eyebrows with a damp cloth to remove loose hair.

Turn the trimmer off and remove the eyebrow comb. If desired, shape your eyebrows with the eyebrow trimmer attachment without the comb. You can use this attachment to remove any stray hairs in your eyebrow area. Work slowly to avoid accidental eyebrow removal.