How to Shape Eyebrows Without Wax or Plucking

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If your unruly eyebrows are catching your eye every time you look in the mirror, the time may have come to tame them. The thought of tweezing or waxing may make you cringe, but worry not. You can groom your eyebrows without painfully ripping out the hairs. You won't be able to substantially change the shape of your eyebrows without tweezers. However, you can make your brows appear more neat, which may boost your self-confidence.

Hold the eyebrow brush in whichever hand you have the most dexterity. Using your dominant hand throughout the eyebrow-shaping process will ensure that you shape your eyebrows with precision.

Place the eyebrow brush at the bottom of your eyebrow, and move it toward the top. This movement pushes your eyebrow hairs so they lie straight up and down instead of following your natural eyebrow line.

Take the eyebrow scissors, which are essentially a miniature pair of scissors, and trim any hairs that are longer than the rest.

Brush your eyebrow back into place. The shorter hairs should make your eyebrows look more streamlined.

Trim any long, wayward hairs as close to the skin as possible. The hair root will stay in your skin but trimming it will make it less noticeable.