How to Thin a Guy's Eyebrows

by Charlotte Johnson

Some men have extremely thick, bushy eyebrows, which can create an unbecoming appearance. Even though men's eyebrows usually are thicker than women's, the eyebrows shouldn't overpower the other features on their faces. Causes for very thick eyebrows range from genetics to the aging process, as hair growth increases in certain areas. If you groom your eyebrows without a plan, you can make them look even worse. Use some trustworthy strategies to thin out men's eyebrows in a manner that leaves them looking neat and well-groomed.

Items you will need

  • Eyebrow brush
  • Trimming scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow pencil
Step 1

Dampen an eyebrow brush and use it to brush your eyebrows against their natural grain.

Step 2

Trim the hairs that extend beyond the outline of your brow.

Step 3

Pluck stray hairs from the area between your eyebrows so that you don't have a "uni-brow."

Step 4

Hold the tweezers at an angle extending from your nose toward the center of either eye. This is where your brow should arch. Mark this point with an eyebrow pencil.

Step 5

Draw a line from the inner part of your brow, through the point that you marked, toward the outer edge of your brow. Make the line about 1/4- to 1/2-inch thick, since men's eyebrows usually are thicker than women's. Pluck hairs that extend beyond this line.

Step 6

Look for extra-long or coarse hairs that stand out from the others. If there are only a few, pluck them with tweezers. If they are predominant, trim them with trimming scissors.

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