How to Even Out Two Asymmetrical Eyebrows

Portrait of girl plucking eyebrows with tweezers

David Pereiras Villagrá/iStock/Getty Images

Asymmetrical eyebrows can be frustrating, particularly if the lack of symmetry makes your face look uneven. As small as eyebrows are, they frame your eyes -- often the first thing others notice about you. Eyebrows can be naturally asymmetrical, but you can shape them to be more symmetrical and create a more balanced appearance. Working with, rather than against, the natural shape of both your eyebrows and your face can help you create the illusion of symmetry without looking artificial.

Hold a ruler or straightedge flat against the mirror as you look into it, aligning the bottom of the edge with an imaginary straight line that runs along the bottom points of your eyebrows. All four points will most likely not fall exactly on the edge, so don't worry when they don't. Use this as a visual guide to determine how asymmetrical your eyebrows are currently.

Find the natural center of each eyebrow's arch by aligning your ruler or straightedge vertically with the center of your iris. This should be the highest point of each eyebrow, and each brow should have an equal distribution on either side of this point. Pluck away hairs at either end of your brows gradually until each brow is evenly distributed on each side of the center. Keep in mind that some people will naturally have a longer outer edge on their brows. Don't fight this, and instead trim the brows so they have equally long distribution of hair in relation to the center of your arch.

Tweeze your brows to remove stray hairs and reduce bulkiness. Be careful not to overdo it, because eyebrows that are too thin can highlight asymmetry. Create a smooth, clean edge around your eyebrows; pluck the outer edges to roughly match the ends horizontally. Use the ruler or straightedge to check the alignment of the bottom edges of your brows as you trim.

Comb your eyebrows in a downward motion with your fingers. Using the eyebrow scissors, carefully trim away hair that falls below the brow line.

Comb your eyebrows back into place. Apply a small amount of clear mascara to your eyebrows to keep stray hairs from moving out of place. If you have particularly unruly eyebrows, this can help maintain a symmetrical appearance.

Fill in gaps and sparse areas using an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow hair color. Less is more, and you need to add just enough color to give the impression that hair, and not artificial color, fills the gaps.