How to Elongate Your Eyebrows

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Some women have naturally short eyebrows. If you are unsatisfied with the length of your eyebrows, you can alter them with a brow pencil. The brow pencil is shaped like an eyeliner and is applied in a similar fashion. Typically, when shopping for an eyebrow pencil, look for one as close to your natural color as possible; however, when in doubt, go slightly darker. You can always darken your existing brows to match the added length. Once you have your color, knowing the right way to lengthen your lashes is beneficial so the added length looks natural, not fake.

Brush your eyebrows upward to create a clean line before you add additional length. Most brow hair need to be plucked every one to two weeks or waxed every four to six weeks. Remove any stray hairs by plucking or waxing them away. This will give you a polished arch.

Hold a pencil next to your face to find the ideal length of your eyebrow. The eraser of the pencil should sit at the corner of one side of your nose. Angle the pencil so it spans across the outer corner of your eye. Place a small dot with an eyebrow pencil at the end of your brow bone, where the pencil touches, just above your eye. This is where the eyebrow should end. Repeat the process for the other eye.

Hold the pencil directly in front of your eye so it covers the pupil and touches the eyebrow. The area of the eyebrow where the pencil touches should be the center of the arch of the eyebrow.

Fill in the eyebrow to add length. Using short, rapid strokes, fill in the area between the natural end of your eyebrow to the area you marked with the eyebrow dot. The added length should taper into a blunt point once you reach the end.

Add additional coloring if necessary by using a brow pencil slightly darker or lighter than the natural shade. If you have blonde hair or chestnut brown, your eyebrows may have highlights or lowlights. These shades should be added sparingly to the additional length so the brow looks natural.

Dust a transparent powder over the brow to set the brow pencil. This will help prevent the pencil from smudging or rubbing off during wear.