How to Make False Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are thin or have fallen out because of age or illness, it takes away some of your ability to show facial emotions. There are a few things you can do to give the illusion of eyebrows, no matter how you have lost them.

Eyebrow Stencil

Purchase an eyebrow stencil kit. You can choose stencils that have the arched look you desire. You can even choose stencils of eyebrow arch styles worn by celebrities. Stencils can be purchased from many online websites like Eyebrowz.Com, Amazon.Com or beauty supply stores.

Place the eyebrow stencil over your eye where your eyebrows are normally and trace the inside of the stencil with the waterproof eyebrow pencil included in the kit.

Continue to hold the eyebrow stencil over your eye. Dip a small eyebrow brush into the eyebrow powder. Use the brush to apply the powder inside the stencil.

Remove the stencil to reveal your new eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil makes the eyebrow powder waterproof so your "new" eyebrows should last for many hours.

Eyebrow Wig

Purchase and use an eyebrow wig from an online provider, such as NaturalLash.Com and EyeBrowz.Com. You can select the color and shape for your eyebrow wig. When purchasing the eyebrow wig, you will also need to purchase the necessary adhesive glue to attach your brows.

Place the wig above your eye before applying the adhesive to ensure that you get the perfect look and fit. You may need to trim the wig to get the desired length.

Use an eyebrow pencil to make markings to indicate where the brow should be placed.

Place a light coating of adhesive to the back of the eyebrow. If no applicator brush came with the adhesive, you can use a toothpick or bobby pin to apply the glue.

Place the wig above your eye where you made the markings with the eyebrow pencil. Allow about 5 minutes for the adhesive to dry.