How to Shave Eyebrow Lines

You might think of a brow razor just as a tool to clean up a classic arch -- an alternative to tweezing. But it also can shape eyebrow lines, designs shaved into the eyebrow, for an edgy fashion statement. Common designs are straight lines that extend right through the brow or triangles. They may even complement a design shaved into your hair. Use a brow razor to safely shape your brows at home.

Eyebrow Line

Use an eyebrow brush or clean toothbrush to brush your eyebrows in the direction of growth. This will create a smooth canvas, allowing for a neat design.

Draw the line that you would like to shave, using a white eyeliner pencil. Eyebrow lines are usually one or two triangles, at the top of the arch on one eyebrow.

Position a brow razor at the edge of the line. Gently drag it down, following the white pencil mark until you reach the tip of the triangle. Use a half-inch brow razor with a long handle. These are not as sharp as regular razors, and feature a long handle for safety. They take off less hair than an electric razor. The fine tips make them ideal for achieving a thin line.

Re-position the razor at the edge of the adjoining line, and drag it down to the tip to remove the hair in the opposite direction of growth.

Brush your eyebrows back in the direction of growth again, to note whether all of the hair under the white liner has been removed. Touch up the area if necessary.

Classic Eyebrow Arch

Use an eyebrow brush or clean toothbrush to sweep in the direction of growth.

Hold a pencil vertically over the center of your eye so it passes through your eyebrow. Use a white eyeliner pencil to mark where the pencil meets the bottom of your eyebrow. This is where your arch will start.

Draw a line from the edge of your brow closest to your tear duct to the mark you made at the center of your brow. Keep the pencil as close as possible to the root of your brow hair.

Draw a line from the center mark to the end of your brow, following the root of hair again. This will create an outline for an arch that frames your face.

Position the brow razor under the white pencil at the tip of your inner brow. Gently drag it along the white line until you reach the center of the arch.

Drag the razor from the center of your brow to the tip, following the line. Repeat if any hair remains below the white line.

Use a damp cloth to remove the white pencil. Pat a dime-sized amount of aloe vera gel over the area to soothe any redness.