How to Grow Hair on the Jaw Line of Your Face


Growing hair along your jawline is a great way to give yourself a stronger face from the front and accent your style with a trim, sharp look. However, while growing hair on your jawline comes naturally to most men, keeping there in a smooth, clean line can be quite difficult. To achieve this handsome, striking look, you will need some practice and patience.

Start off with a professional. Even if you plan on maintaining your look at home, have a professional barber set you up with your first shave in the new style. Let your beard grow out for at least a few days, and make it a week if possible. Then, explain to your stylist exactly what look you want and let them shave it in the first time. This will guarantee that you will start out with an even shave and the right pattern to follow when you touch it up.

Use shave gel instead of shaving cream. The shave gel will keep your skin moisturized and your hair flexible, so you can see what you are doing. It is vitally important that you do not accidentally slip and remove any portion of your hairline.


Learn to use a shave stencil. These are cardboard or plastic tools that help you shave designs into your facial hair. In the case of jawline hair, you can use a straight stencil or you can purchase one that follows the contours of your jawline. Use this to protect your jawline hair while you are shaving to insure that you do not slip and shave it off.

Maintain your look daily. Keep your jawline hair in tact and keep your lines smooth with a daily shave. If you let your hair grow in too far, it will be harder to keep your lines straight. Massaging your jawline and keeping your face clean will also help you keep your look sharp.