How to Cut Your Boyfriend's Hair

So your boyfriend is whining about his hair but won't make an appointment to get a cut. While many people shy away from doing home haircuts, you've been slightly curious about how to pull it off and make you and your boyfriend happy. Cutting hair at home isn't nearly as intimidating as it sounds, especially if have a little basic knowledge. Learn how to cut your boyfriend's hair.

Discuss what kind of haircut your boyfriend wants with him. Look through magazines and look realistically at what kind of cut would work for his hair texture and length and what kind of haircut you could do realistically.

Stick to something simple and not too drastic for a home haircut. It is especially important if you have never even attempted to cut hair before. Go to a beauty supply store and get a good set of men's clippers and a pair of quality shears.

Decide the relative shortness of the haircut and add the proper attachment to the clippers. The longer the comb on the clipper, the less hair will be removed when applying it to the head. Start with the longest attachment first and gently apply it to the back of the head to assess how much hair will be removed. Gradually move down the clipper attachments until you get the desired closeness you want.

Work evenly throughout the head with the hair clippers, ensuring that you do not leave any one spot of the hair longer than the other. Switch attachments on the clippers around the ears. Typically, there is an attachment for both the left and right ear that helps to make shaping around this part of the head easier and more efficient. Pull the hair between your fingers and away from the head to assess the relative length of the hair.

Comb the hair on the top of the head forward and assess the length. Discuss with your boyfriend how long the top should be and use the finger assessment method to cut hair from the top using the shears. Be careful at first so as to avoid cutting too much hair. Go around the head with the comb and your fingers assessing the length so you get a good balance around the head.