How Do I Blunt Cut My Hair?

girl cutting hair

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There are several popular hair hemline shapes for the ends of the hair. Hair that is cut to one length all over is called a blunt cut. Blunt cuts are typically best suited for those with square-shaped faces, and should typically be avoided by those with round faces.Once you have decided that a blunt cut style suits your unique facial features and structure, cutting the hair into this shape is simple.

Your Tools

Having a good, quality pair of hair shears is key. Ideally, these scissors should not be used for anything except trimming hair. Other tasks can dull the blades. Dull blades push hair around in the scissors and can lead to damage from split ends.


Prior to cutting your hair, thoroughly wash and deep condition your hair. Towel dry the hair and add leave in-conditioner to aid with detangling.

Wet or dry? Cutting the hair wet or dry has increasingly become a matter of preference and ultimately depends on your hair type. Though most stylists prefer to cut wet hair, some hair types are better suited for dry cutting. Curly or kinky hair types tend to be better suited for dry cuts. This type of hair tends to lengthen when wet and shrinks considerably when dry. Often , the final length is difficult to determine when the hair is cut while wet, and this can lead to unhappy, "shorter-than-anticipated" results.

After you have washed and conditioned your hair, blow dry and flatiron it straight for perfectly even, blunt results.

Blunt Hair Method

To begin your blunt trim, start by combing your hair out as straight as possible to remove old, shedding hair. Part your hair in four quadrants by creating a line that goes from hairline to nape, and another that goes across from ear to ear. This will create two large sections in the front and two in the back. Make a horizontal parting at the nape of the neck, in the back, left section. Your parting should be thick enough to create a new 1/4-inch section. This section should be cut straight across by combing it out and pressing it firmly against your skin at your desired length. This section will be your blunt guideline. All subsequent sections will be cut to this exact length.

Always keep your shears positioned parallel to the floor as you snip across the hair. Comb down another 1/4-inch section from the back, right-hand quadrant immediately next to your guideline. Repeat the horizontal blunt cutting procedure in 1/4-inch increments on the hair immediately above your guideline until you complete the back two quadrants.

Once you are ready to move to the top quadrants, you will continue using 1/4-inch sections. However, now you will be parting the sections from your hairline back toward your ear. You will continue to use the back quadrants as a guide until you have completed the entire head of hair.