How to Chip & Slice Hair

by Kathleen Powell

Chipping and slicing are texturizing methods used in haircutting. Texturizing is a way of removing weight or bulk from the hair without compromising the length. It is also used to create movement and to break up the hair with a wispy effect.

Items you will need

  • Haircutting Shears
  • Cutting Comb


Step 1

Comb a 3-inch-wide section of hair upward and stop half way down the shaft.

Step 2

Keep the shears partially open and insert them inside of the section, above your fingers.

Step 3

Slice the shears through the hair, leaving 1/4 inch spaces in between slices. Always keep the shears open to avoid removing too much hair. This technique will remove weight and create movement.

Step 4

Dry the hair to see the full effect. The slicing may be repeated on dry hair if more weight needs to be removed.


Step 1

On wet hair, comb through to the ends, leaving 1 inch remaining.

Step 2

Point the shears into the ends of the hair and turn the shears at a 45 degree angle.

Step 3

Cut triangle shapes into the ends. This creates texture on the ends instead of having a blunt line.

Step 4

Dry the hair to see the full effect. This technique may be repeated once the hair is dry for a chunkier look.


  • It is recommended that these texturizing techniques be performed on a mannequin until you become comfortable with them.


  • Don't rush through these techniques. It is very easy to cut your fingers when you don't take it slow and easy.

References (1)

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