How to Layer Hair at the Bottom

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Layered hair creates a volumized appearance by giving the hair the illusion of body. Layered hair is created by trimming the top layers of the hair shorter than the bottom layers. This allows the different lengths to be accentuated in order to create volume; the different layers are often curled to create a wispy and stylized appeal. Layered hair can be cut at different heights to create different levels ranging from extreme to subtle. Subtle layers are created by trimming the layers close to the ends of the hair. These layers easily can be created from home with the help of a friend to create a professional appearing haircut.

Shampoo and condition your hair to remove any oil and debris that might interfere with trimming the hair. Towel-dry your hair to remove excess water, leaving it slightly damp.

Part your hair evenly down the center with the hairbrush and separate it into one even section on each side of your head.

Lean to one side, so your hair is hanging away from your head towards the floor and brush it smooth.

Use the scissors to trim evenly across the tips of your hair while leaning to one side; repeat this same trimming process on the other side of the hair.

Brush the hair smooth; dry and style as normal and enjoy your subtly layered haircut.