How to Cut Hair Into Chunky Layers

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Chunky layers add flare to your hairstyle, allowing you to create a more modern look out of thick, wavy hair or add shape to a blunt-cut bob. You don't need to follow a specific pattern to achieve the chunky layered cut. Chunky layers are randomly selected to create this cut.

Wash and towel dry your hair.

Comb your hair straight, allowing your hair to part where you normally wear it.

Select a random chunk of hair closer to your crown and twist.

Cut the twisted section at the desired length. Make a blunt, straight-across cut, or angle the scissors upward or downward to create chunky angular layers.

Repeat as many, or as few, times as desired.

Pin up the top layer and randomly select chunks underneath. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until you achieve a look that pleases you.

Use a small amount of hair gel to style, giving definition to the chunks.